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PDFs from related presentations are on

For full paper details, and pre-prints, see GoogleScholar

2024. Calarco. Mapping the claustrum to elucidate consciousness. Nature Reviews Psychology.

2024. Amunts et al. The coming decade of digital brain research: A vision for neuroscience at the intersection of technology and computing. Imaging Neuroscience.

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2023. Calarco, Oliver, Joseph, Hawco, Dickie, DeRosse, Gold, Foussias, Argyelan, Malhotra, Buchanan, Voineskos. Multivariate associations among white matter, neurocognition, and social cognition across individuals with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and healthy controls. Schizophrenia Bulletin.

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2022. Calarco, Cassidy, Selby, Hawco, Voineskos, Diniz, Nikolova. Associations between locus coeruleus integrity and diagnosis, age, and cognitive performance in older adults with and without late-life depression: An exploratory study. NeuroImage: Clinical.

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2021. Marečková, Hawco, Dos Santos, Bakht, Calarco, Miles, Voineskos, Sibille, Hariri, Nikolova. Novel polygenic risk score as a translational tool linking depression-related changes in the corticolimbic transcriptome with neural face processing and anhedonic symptoms. Translational Psychiatry.

2021. Martin-Chang, Kozak, Levesque, Calarco, Mar. What’s your pleasure? Exploring the predictors of leisure reading for fiction and nonfiction in adults. Reading and Writing.

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2017. Calarco, Fong, Rain, Mar. Absorption in narrative fiction and its possible impact on social abilities. In, Narrative Absorption.

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